Robert B. Gray and Mary E. Lynch

They were married on January 17, 1942. The following audio, video, and written accounts cover how they met, their wedding, and their honeymoon.

The Beginning

Like his father before him, Robert B. Gray (or Bob) married his landlord's daughter.* When Bob moved to Erie, Pennsylvania, he rented a room with a private bath from Frank E. and Mary Jane Lynch (Jennie). Frank and Jennie's daughter, Mary E. Lynch (Betty) was later to become Bob's wife. But you don't have to take my word for it, play the audio history below and Betty will tell you in her own words.

Mary E. Lynch Gray's audio history of how she and her husband first met, recorded January 2003. Introduction by Barry Gray.

Listen to Betty tell how she and Bob met.

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*Bob's father, Edward Townsend Gray (or ET), married Sarah Jean Lomison. ET rented a room in Sarah Jean's home when he first moved to Johnstown, Pennsylvania (see ET's 1910 Residence entry).

The Engagement

Betty and Bob met on June 17, 1941. Bob proposed to Betty on July 17, 1941. They picked January 17, 1942 for their wedding day. The two newspaper articles below announce Betty's engagement to Bob. The articles are undated but most likely appeared in late July 1941.


Newspaper articles announcing the engagement of Mary E. Lynch to Robert B. Gray, Erie, Pennsylvania.

Robert B. Gray and Mary E. Lynch, probably spring 1941.

The Wedding


Mary Lynch and Robert Gray's marriage license, January 10, 1942.


Newspaper articles announcing the wedding, January 5, 1942, Erie, Pennsylvania.


Letters from out of town guests.

Letter to Betty Lynch from Bob's Aunt Belle, January 12, 1942

Letter to Bob from his cousin, Jeanne Coleman Shugert, January 11, 1942

Leaving the church

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Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gray, January 17, 1942.


Telegrams from Mary Mehler (top) and Marie Cecile and Walt Sweadner (bottom) to Betty and Bob Gray, January 17, 1942.

Newspaper Article

Newspaper article describing the wedding including the out of town guests.

Marriage Certificate

Bob and Betty's marriage certificate.

The Honeymoon

Movies taken by Bob and Betty on their honeymoon in Ithaca, New York. Betty seems to have been the better photographer.

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Many of the above documents and photos are posted Barry Gray
Barry has also posted many photos and other documents for Mary E. "Betty" Lynch Gray
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