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Mary Elizabeth Lynch

Robert Beckwith Gray

  • Born: 9 Apr 1912, Johnstown, , Pennsylvania, USA
  • Marriage: Mary Elizabeth Lynch on 17 Jan 1942 in Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Died: 8 Jun 1999, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA at age 87

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Education: Cornell University Graduates, 15 Jun 1934, Cornell, NY. List of Cornell Graduates for 1934

Cornell Daily Sun, 15 June 1934, Page 6

Robert Beckwith Gray

Residence: 357 W 5th Street, Abt 1942, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. From his father's registration card

Patent: Methods of making electrical condensers, Nov 1951, Canada. Methods of making electrical condensers - Canada Patent CA 478912

Inventor: Robert Beckwith Gray

Assignee: Erie Resistor

Residence: 420 W Seventh Street, Abt 1958, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.

Occupation: Resume, Abt 1998. Education:

August 1946 to Dec. 1954 Westmont-Upper Yoder High School, 1929
University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown Center, 1929-1931
Cornell University, Degree: Electrical Engineer, 1934
Univ. of Pittsburgh, Physics Dept., 1938-1941
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, Summer 1956, 1963
Gannon College, Russian, 1957-1958

Professional Experience:

February 1994 to 1999: Continued a personal project in number theory. Particularly the factoring of Fermat numbers;

September 1982 to February 1994: Consultant - Hartman Material Handling Systems and to various of their High Storage Installations. (Rochester Products, Detroit Diesel, Agway, Dupont, Fiber Industries, IBM, GE, Potato Service, Vicks, Delaware Freezer, Corning, Pittsburgh Plate Glass, and a number of others). Last service call was 1987 but I still have to answer telephone questions;

September 1967 to Sept. 1982: Hartman Material Handling Systems, Victor, N. Y., Design, Testing, Installation, and servicing of High Bay Storage Systems. Particularly motor drives and control logic;

November 1965 to June 1967: Acme Electric Corp., Cuba, N. Y. - Research Consultant. Voltage regulator transformer designs, DC current measurement, solid state design for inverters, flux measurement. 1 Technician;

December 1963 to Nov. 1965: Private Consultant. Contract proposals, project supervision, technical writing, failure analysis;

December 1954 to Nov. 1963: Erie Resistor Corp. (name changed to Erie Technological Products, circa 1960). Erie, Pa. - Senior Physicist, Senior Staff Physicist, Consultant. Project work on new products in the areas of ceramic transducers, capacitors, pulse transformers, RC networks, etc. Supervision of up to 15 engineers and technicians. Reported to V. P. Research and Engineering. Consultant on project planning, contract proposals, failure analysis and reliability;

August 1946 to Dec. 1954: American Meter Co.., Erie, Pa. - Supervisor of Research Project work on fluid measuring devices, pneumatic computers and controllers, and mechanisms. Supervising up to 8 draftsmen and toolmakers. Reported to V. P. of Research;

June 1941 to August 1946: Erie Resistor Corp., Erie, Pa. - Chief Physicist. General assignments of R. & D. work on ceramic and mica capacitors, ceramics, transducers. Supervision of 1 to 2 technicians. Reported to V. P. Engineering;

June 1938 to June 1941: Graduate Assistant - University of Pittsburgh - teach laboratory - thesis work on electronic band structure of nickel - work interrupted by war;

September 1935 to June 1938: Student course and Research Lab Assistant - Westinghouse Electric & Manufactuiring Co. - Testing and test equipment on magnetic materials. Responsible for standard curve data, DC to 20 kilocycles;

June 1934 to September 1935: Laboratory Assistant - Johnstown Center, University of Pittsburgh. - Teach lab. Supervise student projects. Research work on Hall effect, for solid state amplification.

Publications and Papers:
1934: Solution of the Condensor Microphone Equation;
1940: Electronic Band Structure of Nickel;
1943: Ceramic Dielectrics with Dielectric Constants in excess of 1000;
1943: Crystal Structure of Barium Titanate;
1945: X-Ray Determination of Silver Plating Thickness;
1947: Frequency Response Analysis of Pneumatic Systems;
1949: Mechanical Amplifiers;
1953: Pneumatic Computers;
1956: Aging Studies of Barium Titanate;
1958: Machine Translation of Russian;
1958: The Polishing of Machine Translation of Russian, exemplified by poetry translations conserving meter and rhyming scheme;
1958: Editor of Erie Engineering Societies Council Textbook Reports, Grades 1-6 - A comparative study of the Erie Public School Education vs. Russian Texts. (NOTE: These preceded "What Ivan knows that Johnny Doesn't");
1959: Editor of Erie Engineering Societies Council Textbook Reports, Grades 7-12;
1959: A Single Element Stereophonic Cartridge;
1960: Consultant to Federal Department of Health. Education and Welfare on the Curriculum Guide "Electronic Technology". Publication OE-800009;
1959-1961: Editor of "The Integrator", Erie Engineering Societies Council Newspaper;
1961: The Magnetic Field in the Plane of a Coil;
1961: Editor: "A Review of the Emergency Traffic Control Proposals for the City of Erie" - EESC Committee;
1962: Editor of Erie Resistor Corp. "Transactions of R. & D. Symposium #1. March 6, 1962;
1963: Failure Modes of Capacitors;
1963: Radiation Detectors;
1963: Product Improvement by Specification Testing and Failure Analysis;
1964: Automation: Planning its Future: Analysis of the Problem;
1967-1985: Service manuals and Trip Reports innumerable;
1979: Current Source Variable Frequency Motor Drive;
1983: Monpole Skeptic;
1983: QWERTY;
1983: A Scroll down Memory Lane;
1984: Are You "Aware" of Neural Networks;
1985: Re-examination of the Early Magnetic Papers of Lord Rutherford of Nelson;
1987: Correlation of the Geomagnetic/Electric Fields;
1987: Implications of a Correlation of the Geomagnetic Electric Fields;
1988: Geomagnetic Pulsations as a Diagnostic of the Earth's Field: SBIR AF 240 Proposal;
1988: Mechanisms for Geomagnetic Reversals, AAPT Paper;
1989: Artificial Intelligence, IEEE Symposium Paper for EESC Engineers' Week Exhibit;
1989: Report to Western Pennsylvania Section AAPT on AAPT Workshop on High TC Ceramic Superconductors;
1989: Fusion without Confusion;
1988-1989: Prior Art, Series of Articles for PIA;
1988-1997: Producer of Erie Section IEEE Newsletter.

Patents- Assigned to Erie Resistor Corp:
U.S. # Date Title
2,944,118: July 5, 1960 Binaural Phonograph Pickup;
2,958,738: Nov. 1, 1960 Compensating Network for Binaural Pickup;
2,838,300: June 10, 1958 Dashpot;
2,846,673: Aug. 5, 1958 Pulse Transformer;
2,912,748: Nov. 17, 1959 Printed Circuit;
2,944,117: July 5, 1960 Bender Type Piezoelectric Transducer;
2,695,275: Nov. 23, 1954 Silver Paint;
2,525,668: Oct. 10, 1950 Method of Making Electrical Condensors;
2,550,345: Apr. 24, 1951 Silver Paint (with Steele);
2,468,560: Nov. 1, 1949 Transducer and Method of Making Same.

Patents- Assigned to Erie Resistor Corp:
Canadian #: Date Corresponding U.S. #
637,700: Mar. 6, 1962 2.944,118;
625,731: Aug. 15, 1961 2,958,738;
610,582: Dec. 13, 1960 2,846,673;
607,496: Oct. 25, 1960 2,912,748;
478,912: Nov. 27, 1951 2,525,668.

Great Britain#:
845,958: Dec. 12, 1958 2,958,738;
816,414: Oct. 4, 1957 2,846,637;
816,458: May 13, 1957 2,912,748;
823,241: May 4, 1956 2,944,117;
630,344: Aug. 6, 1947 2,525,668.

France #:
1,221,534: Apr. 14, 1959 2,944,118.

Italy #:
607,291: Apr. 11, 1959 2,944,118.

Patents- Assigned to American Meter Co.
U. S. #: Date Title
2,699,795 Jan. 18, 1955 Control;
2,630,820 Mar. 10, 1953 Relay;
2,608,871 Sept, 2, 1952 Adjustment Device;
2,705,018 Mar. 29, 1955 Control (Derivative Transmitter);
2,817,242 Dec. 24, 1957 Temperature Compensating Register;
2,747,614 May 29, 1956 Pressure Measuring Device;
2,838,927 Mar. 29, 1955 Gas Density Measuring Device;
2,874,569 Feb. 24, 1959 Gas Meter Diaphragm.

Patent- Assigned to Hartman Metal Fabricators, Inc:
U. S. # : Date Title
4,134,049 Jan. 9, 1979 Phase Controlled, Reversing Interlocked, Induction Motor Drive.

Professional Society Memberships:
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - # 085,2954 LS
Industry Applications Society
Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society
Magnetics Society
American Association of Physics Teachers
Sigma Pi Sigma
Society of the Sigma Xi
Pennsylvania Inventors' Association
Biography is in Who's Who since 1994.

Obituary: Erie Daily Times, 10 Jun 1999, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.

Integrator Obituary: IEEE Newsletter, Sep 1999, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.

Death Notice: Erie Dailly Times, 10 Jun 1999, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.

Gravestone: Our Lady of Peace Cemetery, 1999, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.


Robert married Mary Elizabeth Lynch, daughter of Francis Edward (Frank E.) Lynch and Mary Jane (Jenny Agnes) OBrien, on 17 Jan 1942 in Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. (Mary Elizabeth Lynch was born on 3 Feb 1917 in Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA and died on 16 Feb 2010 in Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

Marriage License: From Family Search org, 17 Jan 1942, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. Robert B. Gray
Titles & Terms:
Event: Marriage
Event Date: 17-Jan-42
Event Place: Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania
Age: 29
Estimated Birth Year: 1913
Father: Edward T. Gray
Father's Titles & Terms:
Mother: Sarah J. Lomison Gray
Mother's Titles & Terms:
Spouse: Mary E. Lynch
Spouse's Titles & Terms:
Spouse's Age: 24
Spouse's Estimated Birth Year: 1918
Spouse's Father: Frank E. Lynch
Spouse's Father's Titles & Terms:
Spouse's Mother: Mary J. O'Brien Lynch
Spouse's Mother's Titles & Terms:
Reference Number: p 18
Film Number: 2260335
Digital Folder Number: 4480651
Image Number: 265

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